Molly Gray Room

Room Features

  • Large Spacious Room
  • Handicapped Accessible Bath
  • Queen Size Bed with decorative fireplace
  • TV with DVD
  • Phone
  • Wireless Internet
  • Hairdryers
$99 per night ~ double occupancy


“Miss Molly” was the last of four generations to occupy Rosemont, the home of John and Susan McKinney Netherland, before it was purchased and then restored by Carl and Janet Netherland-Brown. After the Rosemont sale, she moved into a suite at the Hale Springs Inn and lived there until her death. The land for Rosemont—on the southeastern corner of Main St. and Colonial Rd. — was a gift from John McKinney to his daughter, Susan. McKinney was the builder of the Hale Springs Inn, which is older than Rosemont.More…

When Rosemont was sold many of the contents were given to Netherland Inn in Kingsport—including the dining room table and four Windsor chairs which were a wedding gift from Susan’s father. Susan’s father-in-law ran the historic old Inn at the Boatyard in Kingsport when the Netherland family lived on “the island” there.

According to “Miss Molly”, her ancestor, John Austine McKinney, came from Coleraine, Ireland. The story goes that when he graduated from the University of Edinburgh and decided to come to America he put his Bible and a copy of Horace in his pocket and boarded a sailing vessel. Landing on the coast of New England he found the climate too severe and headed South. Traveling “The Wilderness Road” he came to Rogersville where his horse died. Breaking his last bank note to have the horse buried, McKinney settled in Rogersville and “the rest is history”.

Miss Molly’s corner cupboard, which she inherited through her Stamps family connection, was donated to the Hale Springs Inn by Janet Netherland-Brown and can be seen in the beautiful room that is named after her.