Carl and Janet Netherland-Brown Room

Room Features

  • Large spacious Room with Private Bath
  • King Size Bed
  • Decorative Fireplace
  • TV
  • Phone
  • Wireless Internet
  • Hairdryers
  • Comfortable Seating Area
$99 per night ~ double occupancy


Carl Netherland-Brown was born in McMinn County, Tennessee but grew up in Miami where he began a career as a sailor at age 16. The Netherland- Browns, along with Carl’s mother, Elizabeth, were on a trip from Athens, TN to Beckley, WVA (Janet’s hometown) in 1973. Elizabeth said “if you drive through Rogersville I’ll show you where Uncle John Netherland lived.”

Elizabeth was a member of the prominent Netherland family, and Rosemont was built by John Netherland, who married Susan McKinney, the daughter of John McKinney who built Hale Springs Inn. The Netherland Inn at Kingsport was built by Richard Netherland.

Carl and Janet “fell in love” with Rosemont — the Netherland home at the corner of Colonial Road and Main St. They contacted the owner — a relative who lived in Knoxville — and after many phone calls she agreed to sell the house to them in the spring of 1976.

While restoration of Rosemont was going on, the Browns would stay at the Hale Springs Hotel when visiting Rogersville. “Miss Molly” Gray was living at the hotel in an apartment on the first floor, but new owners needed the apartment for their quarters and she was moved to a room on the second floor.

The hotel was for sale again and Carl purchased it in 1982. Restoration began immediately – one of the first jobs was constructing a new apartment on the second floor for “Miss Molly.”

Carl’s career as a sailor began with summer jobs aboard merchant ships outbound from Miami to the Caribbean. For 13 years he served aboard a number of different merchant vessels and completed a two-year tour with the U. S. Navy. At age 29,he was named Captain of the cruise ship S/S Bahama Star – the youngest man to ever hold such a position in the history of the Eastern Steamship Line.

After his tenure as Captain, Carl served as a harbor pilot for the Port of Miami — retiring after 23 years of service and over 39 years at sea. After his retirement, the family, including their son, Louis, moved into Rosemont and completed restoration of the Hale Springs Inn. They operated the Inn until 1999.

The Inn was later sold to the Rogersville Heritage Association.